About us

So Tight is committed to setting a new standard in the tights industry.

We care about you and how you spend your day. That's why we designed tights that support you - a modern and conscious woman - in your daily routine. At the same time we care about our environment too.

What drives us
We believe the tights industry hugely lacks innovation. The tights people are wearing today are still the same tights people were wearing in the 1960's. Mostly very uncomfortable and of low quality.

Additionally, the tights industry is one of the most polluting industries in this modern world. Most tights are made of synthetics like polyamide because of its strength, elasticity and softness. Not only are synthetics not biodegradable, their raw material is petrol based. That means that this fashion industry is dependent on fossil fuel extraction, resulting in oil spills, methane emissions, wildlife disruption and biodiversity loss.

On top of that, tights usually aren’t designed with durability in mind. More often than not tights are designed to be tossed and replaced by another cheap version after only one or two days of wearing them.

This is why we are so committed to do what we do. To design tights that are so comfortable you want to wear them each and every day, tights that last longer than your average pair, tights that are better for our planet.