Wear & Care Instructions

Our tights are made of the finest yarns and with the most modern equipment, however the nature of tights makes them very delicate. Especially sheer tights should be treated with care.

Buy the right size

Before making a purchase, make sure to select the right size. Choosing the right size will prevent too much stretching and pulling, which can cause tights to rip. It will also avoid the waistband from rolling down. Use our size table as a guide. In-between sizes? We recommend choosing the larger size. We promise your tights won't sag.

Inspect your tights

Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the tights are damaged, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Remove the bling

Before putting on your tights, we recommend taking off any sharp jewellery or rings. Be careful with sharp finger- and toenails too.

Give your tights a stretch

Before every wear, stretch your tights lengthwise with your hands. Pre-stretching your tights will create some give in the tights, which will prevent your tights from snagging. You do this by placing one hand at the foot of the tights and the other hand at the waistband, then gently pull a few times. Make sure to not pull too hard and risk tearing them.

Putting on your tights

1 Start with one leg, gather all material and pull your tights up gently from your toes to your knees, repeat this for the other leg. Then gently pull your tights up to your waist.

2 Position the waistband.

3 Make sure that the fabric is distributed evenly across your legs, all the way up to your thighs, to ensure your tights stay in place all day. Repeat this after every bathroom break.

Dark lines or spots

While wearing your tights, dark lines or spots may appear in the fabric. If this happens, place your hands on both sides and gently pull horizontally and vertically until it vanishes. Don't do this when there's a small whole in your tights.


Only wash when really needed

To save your tights and the environment, it's best to wash your tights only when necessary ~ around every 5 wears.

Washing & drying

We recommend hand washing your tights. Realistically, you can also machine wash at 30C while using a washing bag. Let your tights air dry.

Store safely

For storage or when traveling, it's best to keep your tights in the original packaging.